Whip Industries Yamaha TTR110

As of 2016, the Whip Industries team use the Yamah fun bikes.


Engine is left stock, We add a pro circuit exhaust system to help improve power and also improve the exhaust note. All the team bikes run original oil filters and Maxima Syn Blend 10w –40 engine oil. The stock TTR engine is extremely smooth.


The frame is left stock with no added strengthening. We fit our custom made heavy duty foot peg mounts which are made in house at WBR motorcycles. We then fit the 50mm wide super sharp foot pegs. TAG play bike bars are fitted and the cross brace is modified to free up the front and give more room.


We use a Fox float MXR rear shock, which is an air shock. This gives the bikes more travel and heaps of adjustment. The front forks we run standard fork springs but increase the spring preload and also run a heavy weight maxima fork oil and higher oil heights. With a fair bit of testing WBR Motorcycles has a setting for the fork that has been working well.


The bikes run genuine Yamaha plastics, Grab holes are cut into the side plates and there is also some light trimming needed on the air box for the grab holes to work. The front plate is zip tied back against the forks. Seat foam is cut down and the original seat cover reused.


We are able to keep the electric start system due to Yamaha’s great design.

Other mods and parts

The wheels are striped down to be painted to add a bit of styling to the bikes. We grease the head steam bearings with Maxima waterproof grease to keep the steering good. MX Ink sticker kits are added to finish off the look of the bikes.